WinLPR 3.07

Connects to any Line Printer Protocol hosts and accepts print jobs
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Manages the connections to the Line Printer Protocol Hosts and accepts the printing jobs issued by them. Connects to various Unix-based servers, NT servers or standard PCs to accept the printing jobs. Requires a background service running to monitor the issued jobs.

A Win95/NT implementation of the Line Printer Daemon protocol ( LPR / LPD ). It will accept print jobs from any LPD in the world and print them from your PC. Features: Accept on ANY queue, Header/Footer files, Multiple configurable Queues, Acceptable Hosts list, Log to file and screen, Insert CRLF for LF to combat stairstep effect (for older printers), Auto Start and Start minimized, Force/supress banners, Identify Local IP address. No install necessary, just drop it in a directory of your choice and run it!

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